Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Resisting Temptation

One of my favorite hobbies is getting up early on a Saturday morning and stopping by a few rummage sales.  I have not been to a single rummage sale this season though!  You may ask why, since it is a relatively cheap and satisfying hobby.  The answer is that we don't need that much stuff.  I am the type of person that is very "out of sight, out of mind" and the best way for me not to see enticing things is by not going rummaging!  This has been a huge challenge for me because I really enjoy finding a nice item or two, or even finding something one of a kind to enjoy. 

I try to declutter and donate items to charity whenever I have the time.  One of my rules is that if all of my clothes do not fit in my dresser (I don't have a closet), I need to get rid of things.  This rule becomes a little more complicated when I come home with a bag of intriguing items from a rummage and have to wash, try on and potentially alter the clothing to make their way into my dresser.  Another example may be home goods...I may find a pretty set of silverware or some nice dishes, but are they better than the items I have now?  Most often, not.  It is hard to make these decisions at the sale when items are often priced at five dollars a bag.  Since my mantra is often "if it's pretty, put it in the bag, ask questions later" that causes me to bring items home to sort through.  I am trying to avoid the temptation this year even though a handful of primo items can really make my day...

Ah well, we will see how I fare with this commitment...and if I can resist rummage sales for the season...oh, ok...for a few more weeks, anyway.

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