Sunday, January 26, 2014

Apron or sinar style tichel

I always admire it when ladies can wear a scarf without looking like a babushka. Some styles look so artful,  stylish and Bohemian that I have to give them a try,  even if it is just within my own home.   One of these styles is the Israeli style sinar (apron) tichel. I pulled out the sewing machine today and decided to make a layered version of my own.   Through some trial and error,  I managed to create a moderately heavy but quite comfortable piece.  When I made this,  I underestimated quite how long the tails have to be so I ended up adding on extension ties.   This is actually an amazing design feature.   Due to the thickness of the layered top piece, it was bulky and hard to tie.  Adding on sturdy but thinner ties really cut down on the lump of fabric at the back of my head.  Now that I know how to successfully create this design,  I am looking forward to modifying it even further for greater comfort and adding more layers of fabric.  I will be on the lookout at thrift shops from now on for interesting fabric, notions and ribbons because this was a very enjoyable project for me.

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